Wexiödisk – HOST, Milano

Wexiödisk, which produces and markets dishwasher solutions in a global market, made an impact on Host in Italy. Early in our project work, both we and the customer realized that we needed to visualize the stand in a number of 3D sketches to get an idea of ​​what it would look like on site. We designed all their machines, lounge seating for customers, bar counter with integrated cooler and beer pump, storage with built-in dishwasher in the wall, exposure in the ceiling, lighting on the stand. When we have 3D sketches that the customer is happy with, they can be the basis for our production and construction drawings. 3D visualization is something we use for all our customers as we know that it gives satisfied customers. Wexiödisk are very happy with their stand and perhaps above all the outcome they received at the fair.